Oct 202020

The Apple Watch Series 6 Has Been recently Published and Now There are Nomad presents affordable elastomer, Horween leather, and ceramic bands which are extremely well constructed and captivating. The Apple Watch Series 6 is possibly the best smartwatch Available nowadays. After years of Apple Watch releases it’s apparent that folks enjoy shifting bands to […]

Sep 122014

The advent of Apple Watch means consumers will soon have a new wearable gadget at their disposal — and it’s one that could have a profound impact on local search, as well as geo-targeting and offers like mobile coupons. That’s in part because Apple Watch will likely increase the number and frequency of hyper-local searches, […]

Sep 112014

Who says rivals can’t work together? If you search on Google for “iPhone 6″ or “Apple Watch,” you’ll discover new information boxes about each product that Google created with the help of Apple. Here’s how it looks for search on iPhone 6: And for the iPhone 6 Plus: And for the Apple Watch: These boxes, commonly called […]