Nov 182013

<img alt="The 2014 traffic (Get 10000 free hits) Plan” border=”0″ src=” (Get 10000 free hits)-plan.jpeg?1384739221″ class=”center c2″ title=”The 2014 traffic (Get 10000 free hits) Plan” /> Content led digital marketing is hard. I get it. Almost every day I have the discussion with an in-house marketer or business owner wanting to realign strategy for 2014 […]

Nov 172013

Not too long ago, Greg Jarboe wrote up the results of a study I did showing that Google+ shared links don’t appear to impact SEO. This study focuses on the impact of Google+ shared links when they occur in isolation. It also focuses on “non-personalized” results. However, Google+ does impact search results in several ways. […]

Nov 112013

Language evolves and is shaped by active forces. As technology, culture, and society moves forward, our language and keywords are forced to keep up. Because this change happens fast, it’s increasingly common that a social, technical, or cultural manifestation has emerged and isn’t yet defined, commoditized, or made into a cliché. The interesting thing is […]

Sep 032013

Just because your business doesn’t have traditional seasonal spikes doesn’t mean that you can’t use a seasonal approach in order to capitalize on the increased interest that comes with everything from annual events and major holidays to simple seasonal associations (like warm weather driving up sales of pool floats in the Southern USA.) Link building […]

Aug 092013

Google has introduced a new way for local businesses to advertise on the Google Maps app for iPhone and Android. “Relevant ads”, as Google described them, will appear to users after they perform a Maps search. The ads will be located at the bottom of the screen and include the title, ad text, and a […]