Oct 192010

Google Instant, the predictive search technology the company launched last month to serve users results without making them hit the enter button, is popular but costly. Jonathan Rosenberg, Google’s senior vice president for product management, asserted on the companys third-quarter earnings call Oct. 14 that not only was Instant not created to help Google […]

Oct 162010

Comsore’s latest take on search engine market share shows little change…but there are rumblings beneath the market’s placid surface. Market analysis firm Comscore has released its rankings for Internet search engines during September of 2010—and the news is that very little has changed compared to August. Google saw a bit of an uptick, Yahoo saw […]

Oct 022010

Google has introduced keyboard navigation to Google Instant, its “real-time” search engine, and though some users quite like it, at least one big-name search-marketing outfit sees it as yet another way the service is hindering search-marketing outfits. This week, as it expanded Instant to additional Google search services, including Videos, News, Books, Blogs, Updates, and […]

Sep 222010

– A Single Moment of Clarity In Green Light To Peace Rating 23 – SMALL CENTURY CITY COMPANY FIRES FIRST BLUE SHOT IN WAR WITH CHASE Rating 15 – “An Angel Among Us: We Called Him Michael Jackson…a spiritual journey” Rating 14 – AN ORDINARY COUPLE & A ROYAL SUCCESS […]

Sep 212010

Since its debut earlier this month, there’s been no shortage of opinions surrounding Google’s Instant search feature, which dynamically refreshes search results (within the search box itself) as users enter search terms. Rather than an SEO killer or search game changer, Matt Van Wagner, founder and president of search engine marketing firm […]

Sep 112010

There is no doubt that Google has changed the search engine scene for good, with the release of Google Instant search. Not only does this new search engine technology make search faster, it is also provides you a larger volume of accurate search results. Before you start thinking that it’s simple predictive search or a […]

Sep 102010

On Wednesday, Google, the world’s leader in online search, launched Google Instant, a live-updating search product that aims to shave seconds off the typical search time. Now, when users search Google, results are refined in real time as additional keywords are added. The search box jumps to the top of the search page and results […]

Sep 082010

(09-08) 14:18 PDT San Francisco — Google Inc. unveiled a major upgrade to its search engine on Wednesday, showing off a new feature that promises to shave seconds off most online searches by attempting to predict what users are looking for before they’re done typing. The Mountain View search giant demonstrated Google Instant during a […]