Oct 032010

Jonathan Effrat endured a great part of four years working on various parts of Google’s major search, prior to the real solution imposed on him. The Toronto native witnessed the best way to assist people, find what they are looking for is by, showing them the results prior to the conclusion of their search. In […]

Sep 222010

– A Single Moment of Clarity In Green Light To Peace Rating 23 – SMALL CENTURY CITY COMPANY FIRES FIRST BLUE SHOT IN WAR WITH CHASE Rating 15 – “An Angel Among Us: We Called Him Michael Jackson…a spiritual journey” Rating 14 – AN ORDINARY COUPLE & A ROYAL SUCCESS […]

Sep 102010

Judging by your comments on our Bing-Verizon article, most of you are not too keen on the fact that Bing will be the default search engine on some Verizon’s Android smartphones, but here’s some news that might warm the cockles of your heart. According to Phone Scoop, Samsung Fascinate users will be able to download […]