Apr 212014

SEO isn’t just about ranking for keywords. Many people fall into a keyword obsession rut and seem to forget that while keywords are important, SEO at its core is about indexation, crawlability, and creating a site that is effectively traversed by crawling search bots. Many people also often forget how, when done effectively, SEO supports […]

Sep 142013

Anyone that took a marketing class in college should remember the AIDA marketing pyramid. The purpose is to give someone a basic understanding of how to target your audience correctly and how a consumer’s general decision making process works when making a purchase. Offline marketers have used the method above for decades to target their […]

Apr 162013

Unruly, a video technology company, today launched a real-time analytics dashboard that allows advertisers to gauge the social impact of their current and previous social video strategies versus their competitors. This new capability goes significantly beyond the useful information about how your ad is performing and who’s engaging with it that is currently provided by […]