Jun 012014

Sputnik.ruA screenshot of Sputnik’s home page showing a drop-down menu classifying Crimea as a peninsula in Ukraine. Special report for MT On May 22, state-owned telecoms company Rostelecom launched the first version of its new search engine, Sputnik. A week later, the engine, which some analysts see as the latest move in the Kremlin’s ongoing crusade against the uncontrolled and subversive Internet, has fallen flat. […]

May 232014

MTA screenshot shows what users will see when they run a Sputnik search. Special report for MT State telecom giant Rostelecom has unveiled the beta version of its new domestic Internet search engine Sputnik, which its creators say is aimed at capturing a share of the Russian market by gearing its search results to local services and everyday needs. Rostelecom vice president Alexei Basov […]