Oct 132010

OneRiot, one of the early entries in the real-time search space, has shut down its consumer-facing search engine that was previously available at OneRiot.com. The company has announced that it will instead focus completely on its advertising network. “Realtime search is still very important to us,” writes OneRiot CEO Tobias Peggs. But he […]

Oct 042010

In SEO, the small stuff truly matters, and consistency is especially powerful. At the enterprise level things like page titles, internal links and duplicate content may seem almost trivial compared to the overall complexity of the site. But they are hugely important, and when well-optimized in sum can literally make or break a site’s […]

Sep 222010

Though it’s not the first time, Microsoft is rolling out a new search loyality program, reports Search Engine Land. Bing Rewards Preview is a credit card or airline-style loyalty program that offers users credits that can be redeemed for products, gift cards or charitable donations. To make use of the program, people […]

Sep 062010

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has opened a probe into whether Google ranks its search listings with an eye toward nicking the competition, the company announced in a Friday blog post that suggested the concerns have a major sponsor: Microsoft. In question is whether the world’s biggest search engine could be unfairly disadvantaging some companies […]