Mar 072015

Welcome to Web 2.0. Social media will be your guide! From December 2010, when Google confirmed social signals from Facebook and Twitter are used to determine search rankings, to the present day when the search giant reinstated the SEO-value of social signals, the critical need for a powerful social media presence has only increased. Today, you need to “emit” […]

Mar 072015

Your paid search listings are about to get a slightly new look and feel with the addition of dynamic structured snippets, the Google AdWords team announced. Building off the Structured Snippets featured introduced last September to organic search, Google is bringing a similar functionality to search ads where an additional line of text will be […]

Mar 052015

In his book Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars, Mitch Myerson introduces you to 22 innovators who have redefined the developing landscape of online marketing. Learn how to master proven strategies, avoid costly mistakes and grow your business. In this edited excerpt, contributing author and founder of Brian Dean describes the six easy steps you […]

Mar 012015

CARMEL, Ind. (AP) – Back in early 2008, the excitement around ChaCha Search Inc. seemed warranted. An exuberant Scott Jones, a pioneer of voice mail technology, was at the helm of the young Q&A-service; company. CEO Jeff Bezos and Compaq founding CEO Rod Canion led ChaCha’s $6 million funding round a year earlier, and […]

Feb 262015

Organizing friends to go out to the movies or dinner can be a pain; you jump between apps and websites as you try to figure out which restaurant to eat at, which movie to see, at what theatre, all the while trying to organize it over texts. Vurb, a new iOS app, aims to simplify the […]

Feb 242015

Matt Gibstein posted on Twitter screen shots of Google testing live chat functionality within the Google search results, where they show local business information in the knowledge graph local box. The chat button displays in the business box and when initiated opens up a Google Hangouts/Google Chat window. The Chat button also displays the availability […]

Feb 242015

Search Marketers. PPC Legends. Remember the days when we were using Overture or GoTo’s bid management tool to advertise in search engines? No? I’m dating myself, but what I recall from that time was the analog style of bidding. I’d enter my bid on a keyword (with no match type) and moments later observe some […]

Feb 212015

I recently wrote about how to statistically model any given set of search results, which I hope gives marketing professionals a glimpse into how rapidly the SEO industry is currently changing in 2015. In that article, I had mentioned that the search engine model should be able to “self-calibrate”, or take its algorithms and weightings […]

Feb 182015

Yandex, Russia’s largest search provider, has filed a complaint against Google for what it believes are anti-competitive practices. The complaint specifically relates Google’s bundling of its search engine and apps into Android, which is, by far, the most popular mobile OS in Russia. According to Yandex, Google is actively preventing local smartphone vendors from pre-loading […]