Jun 302014

Today is the 20th anniversary of the robots.txt directive being available for webmasters to block search engines from crawling their pages. The robots.txt was created by Martijn Koster in 1994 while he was working at Nexor after having issues with crawlers hitting his sites too hard. All major search engines back then, including WebCrawler, Lycos […]

Jun 102014

Enlarge Photo Newswire.net Sean Burrows, co-founder of Enliven Group. Emily Behlmann Digital Editor- Wichita Business Journal Email  |  Twitter  |  Google+  |  LinkedIn Search engine optimisation isn’t dead, says Sean Burrows, who bills himself as the “SEO badass.” But you might not understand the rules of the game. Burrows, co-founder of Utah’s Enliven Group marketing […]

Jun 062014

Google’s most recent results page layout changes meant more than just a search experience update. With the change came adjustments to how each individual result is displayed, which may almost certainly necessitate a refresh for a core search engine optimisation (SEO) element: the venerable title tag. So first off, for both the old and new […]

Apr 212014

SEO isn’t just about ranking for keywords. Many people fall into a keyword obsession rut and seem to forget that while keywords are important, SEO at its core is about indexation, crawlability, and creating a site that is effectively traversed by crawling search bots. Many people also often forget how, when done effectively, SEO supports […]

Mar 142014

Danny Sullivan (Founding Editor, Search Engine Land), Matt Cutts (Distinguished Engineer, aka Head of Web Spam, Google), and Duane Forrester (Senior Project Manager, Bing) held an entertaining and informational “Meet the Search Engines” session at SMX West. The PowerPoint-less open forum format allowed for 90 minutes of solid conversation and question answering. The three gentleman […]

Jan 282014

Keyword research and targeting are critical first steps in any SEO campaign. First, you come up with a list of relevant, traffic (Get 10000 free hits)-driving keywords that you bucket into high-level keyword groups. Then, you map those keyword groups to corresponding pages on your site. Or if there are no relevant URLs to map […]

Jan 042014

Nearly 9 out of 10 businesses– 88%–say they will use social media as a marketing tool in 2014. That’s the highest percentage ever, according to eMarketer. It’s clear that businesses are fully embracing social media marketing as a way to engage with prospects and clients. And more importantly, perhaps, businesses are putting more effort and […]

Dec 242013

As part of our SEJ interview series, Benj Arriola of Internet Marketing Inc. joins us to discuss how site navigation structure impacts SEO. Benj says there are so many navigation techniques being used these days that could change how the code is written. Various types of site navigation structure include tabbed navigation, accordion navigation, scrolling […]

Nov 172013

Not too long ago, Greg Jarboe wrote up the results of a study I did showing that Google+ shared links don’t appear to impact SEO. This study focuses on the impact of Google+ shared links when they occur in isolation. It also focuses on “non-personalized” results. However, Google+ does impact search results in several ways. […]