Sep 192014

Google’s latest patent gaining buzz is one that seems to suggest the search engine will know what television show is playing near the device a person is using to perform a search on.  Bill Slawski, founder of consulting and SEO service company, SEO by the Sea, keeps a watchful eye on Google patents and what […]

Sep 122014

The advent of Apple Watch means consumers will soon have a new wearable gadget at their disposal — and it’s one that could have a profound impact on local search, as well as geo-targeting and offers like mobile coupons. That’s in part because Apple Watch will likely increase the number and frequency of hyper-local searches, […]

Sep 102014

Advertising platform Marin Software announced support for Yandex – Russia’s largest search service, which also serves Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.  That means advertisers can analyze, report on, and automate paid search campaign bidding through the Marin platform for Yandex. This is another win for global advertising support for the platform, as Yandex joins the list […]

Sep 082014

You may have noticed a slightly new look for certain search results. That’s because Google announced a new way for users to perform a site search on a website within the search results with the sitelinks search box. This new functionality places the search box in a more prominent position and helps remove a step in […]

Oct 122013

Getting listed on the first page of Google is an incredible accomplishment. Your efforts shouldn’t stop there, however. A general listing without all the bells and whistles just won’t get you the same amount of site traffic (Get 10000 free hits) as it used to since users tend to go for the one that stands […]

May 282013

In February 2013, Google announced a big change coming to AdWords PPC advertising: enhanced campaigns. Several feature and functionality improvements are associated with the upgrade, but most notable is the integration with tablet and mobile (smartphone) devices. The new campaigns make tablet ads mandatory and mobile phones an optional percentage of click bid. In the past […]

May 282013

Over the past few days, and only in select Facebook Ad accounts, there have been some interesting and exciting updates to Facebook’s traditional ad unit images. As production began on new, traditional ad units to a website, we noticed a significant change to the suggested image size as recommended in Facebook’s Create Flow (the web […]

May 062013

Google has removed the link to Places search. The link, which had been located in Google’s “More” drop-down menu option, is no longer there, meaning local businesses can only be found via search (paid or organic), Google+ Local, or Google Maps. Image via Understanding Google Maps & Local Search Also, when Google shows a 7-pack […]

May 062013

If last week’s data on the rise of mobile research and conversion didn’t stir an action, more stats are surfacing from the Local Search Association and comScore that show mobile, local, and apps are the trifecta in web marketing. According to the report, local search via non-PC devices more than quadrupled in 2012: <img alt="share-of-web-traffic […]

Apr 272013

Google has acquired news summarization start-up Wavii for more than $30 million. The deal was first reported by TechCrunch earlier this week and finally confirmed by Wavli in a post yesterday on their website: You probably know us best for our app that takes the deluge of information streaming across the web and condenses it into fast, […]