Dec 212020

Pneumatics serve a variety of functionalities in daily life, particularly when it relates to industrial applications. Because of their ability to provide pressurized power in a much cheaper, more adaptable, more secure and also even more reliable fashion than utilizing a great deal of actuators and also power motors, pneumatics are typically utilized in manufacturing […]

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Jan 062015

LinkRisk started out as a tool designed to help you find your most dangerous links. However, it has since grown into a seriously powerful suite of SEO tools. There’s a lot more to LinkRisk than identifying problem links now, and I’d like to showcase some of the features that I feel are well worth telling you about. There […]

Oct 242014

Every month, comScore releases its U.S. search engine market share reports, and these reports are widely shared by media outlets as the definitive source of search engine penetration. Over the past couple of years, comScore reports have declared Google to be at a 65-68% market share, with most of the remainder divided up between Bing and […]

Mar 152014

Q. I have a wedge with a short chain attached clearly marked St. Catharines that I believe to be between 80 and 100 years old. What other products besides axes and wedges would (the company) have manufactured? A: The wedge is from the Warren Axe and Tool Company, which had a factory in St. Catharines. […]

Jul 182013

SEO. Inbound marketing. Content marketing. Whatever you call it, these are very simple terms for what has become a very complex job. Just like the automobile, there once was a time when you thought nothing of doing your own oil changes, brake jobs, and (maybe if you were really handy) a little engine work. But […]

May 182013

Why is social media so important? More people are using social media through their mobile phones, computers, and tablets than talking, calling, emailing and texting. Do you find this surprising? I know I don’t. Some businesses have gone to the extent of allowing 30 minutes a day for their employees to use social media. There’s […]

Apr 182013

Over the past several years, Google has been all about speed. Three years ago, in April 2010, they indicated the speed of your website is a ranking factor. In 2011, they launched the Page Speed reports and tools to help site owners speed up how fast their pages load. Last year, Google published the findings of […]

Jul 052012

Search engines love websites that are updated regularly. Photo: Louise Kennerly How you get Google to value your online presence and award you a coveted high ranking is a source of sustained hot debate. With its cryptic algorithm updates dubbed Panda and Penguin, Google can seem impossibly picky. Cue desperation. Search engine optimisation (SEO) analyst […]

Apr 302012

Over 95% of all websites never recoup their investment. Are you one of the few that is making serious money from your site? Getting high quality traffic is not easy. Don’t worry! I am here to help by sharing with you my knowledge of link building tools and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), developed over the […]