Sep 082014

You may have noticed a slightly new look for certain search results. That’s because Google announced a new way for users to perform a site search on a website within the search results with the sitelinks search box. This new functionality places the search box in a more prominent position and helps remove a step in […]

Sep 082014

<img class="c4" title="directing-traffic (Get 10000 free hits)” alt=”directing-traffic (Get 10000 free hits)” src=” (Get 10000 free hits)_thumb.jpg” width=”640″ height=”427″ border=”0″ /> by spaceamoeba As with many areas of the search engine world, there are some grey areas but Google does provides some guidelines on how to manage redirections and what each communicates to the search […]

Apr 182014

Grams mimics Google in every way but the websites it crawls. Before search engines like Google opened up the web to the wide world, you really had to know your way around the net to find what you were looking for—there was no passive browsing to discover new websites; you navigated directly to the webpage you needed. Same […]

Sep 132013

For many retailers and brands, success pivots on holiday sales. A single day during November and December might bring in double or even triple the amount of average same day sales in other months, particularly on traditional retail discount days. But consumers begin window shopping online well ahead of Thanksgiving, planning gift purchases and often […]

Feb 212013

When you only have 140 characters to work with, you have to be cautious of every character you add to a tweet to determine what value it will add to it. Advertising on Twitter gives you the opportunity to accelerate campaign tests so you can find out what works and what doesn’t work and incorporate […]