Mar 072015

Your paid search listings are about to get a slightly new look and feel with the addition of dynamic structured snippets, the Google AdWords team announced. Building off the Structured Snippets featured introduced last September to organic search, Google is bringing a similar functionality to search ads where an additional line of text will be […]

Mar 062015

Google announced the launch of its first ever app dedicated to managing AdWords campaigns. The app is now available worldwide on the Android operating system, with an iOS version said to be in the works. “Businesses, large and small, are increasingly using smartphones to manage everything from customer support to product orders to marketing. Now, […]

Jan 152015

A search engine competing with Google by keeping users anonymous just tripled its growth – Quartz Obsessions Log In Log Out Register Settings Facebook Daily Brief Signup About Quartz Powered by VIP This website uses technologies not supported by this browser. For the best experience please upgrade your browser. Learn more » We’re currently […]

Dec 192014

Last week I had a Power Flush done to get my central heating done.  In chatting to the plumber it turned out he needed a new website. This guy had been quoted hundreds to build and host a site, so I offered to get something set up for him that he could then maintain himself. […]