Oct 242014

Every month, comScore releases its U.S. search engine market share reports, and these reports are widely shared by media outlets as the definitive source of search engine penetration. Over the past couple of years, comScore reports have declared Google to be at a 65-68% market share, with most of the remainder divided up between Bing and […]

Apr 242013

Full Disclosure: I work for Bing Ads as an Evangelist. This means I am constantly bombarded with fantastic information I think we should share instead of keeping locked up. What follows is some of that great information. We all know audience is important, but exactly how important, is often overlooked in search marketing. The audience […]

Oct 032010

Just because Yahoo Inc.’s U.S. website and Microsoft Corp.’s Bing are using the same technological ingredients for searching the Internet doesn’t mean they’re slicing and dicing the results the same way, too. Understanding the differences can be helpful, particularly for people looking for the best alternative to Google Inc.’s dominant search engine. The 10-year search […]

Aug 312010

Home >> Industry News >>Search Engine Marketing News2010-08-31 Last week, Yahoo and Microsoft announced the transition of Yahoo’s organic searches to Bing was complete. The next step in the companies’ search alliance is to migrate Yahoo’s paid search clients to Microsoft’s adCenter. For many firms, this transfer will represent a significant departure from their typical […]

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Aug 252010

The Yahoo-Microsoft search alliance hit a major milestone Tuesday, completing Yahoo’s switch to Bing-powered search results in North America. Will you notice? After all, one of the reasons the U.S. Department of Justice approved Microsoft’s takeover of Yahoo search was because the combined resources from both domains would speed up Bing’s automated learning. With more […]