Sep 112013

Today comScore released US search market share figures for August. I’m tempted to say, “Nothing to see here folks, move on.” All the numbers are basically flat compared with July.

There was almost no movement across sites; everybody’s in the same position as last month.

August search market share

A year ago Google’s share of the US search market was 66.4 percent. Microsoft controlled 15.9 percent and Yahoo had a 12.8 percent share. Yahoo essentially gave up share to partner Microsoft while Google has grown its share.

Overall search volume is down slightly from July. However it’s up about 2 billion queries in the aggregate over August 2012. Both Google and Bing have more volume than a year ago and Yahoo is almost exactly where it was.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 3.52.17 PM

Postscript: Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer told an audience at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference that Yahoo usage is up across key properties including search. Mayer said the company has 800 million monthly active users (not including Tumblr) with 350 monthly users on mobile.

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