May 212012

If, like me, you blog mainly for fun then the satisfaction comes from sharing experiences with others.  On the other hand its also nice to make some money out of your blogs, so if you’re someone that blogs primarily to make money then this post is for you.

Making money from Websites

wp syndicatorSo, you have a website up and running?  Perhaps several already.  If so then you are well on the way to being able to make some nice easy cash.  If you haven’t yet started with a site, then there is a good getting started guide here:  Get started with a new website.

Once you have your site up and running you start to add content.  Regardless of what you used to get your site up, whether it was WordPress, Blogger, your own code, or a Hubpage, the most important thing is to drive traffic to your site.

Once you have traffic, you can start to earn revenue from the site.

Revenue = Traffic * Conversion ratio * Cash per conversion

That’s where this very interesting little tool comes in.  WP-Syndicator takes a snippet of every post that you put on your website and creates a new post from it.  The plugin then automatically posts that new post to 15-20 web 2.0 sites, creating a whole swathe of valuable new backlinks to your site.

The sites that WP-Syndicator uses are the top web 2.0 properties so by leveraging their traffic and powerful link juice you can drive valuable traffic back to your own blog.  Automatically…

You can download WP-Syndicator here:  Download WP-Syndicator.

I’m going to be installing and trying out WP-Syndicator on a couple of my blogs this weekend, so I will update you on how easy it was and what the success rate is.  I’ve heard some good things about this plug-in so I’m hopeful…

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  1. Good info, i also will try it =). Tq

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