Apr 162013

bing-pinterest-pin-itSeparate from Bing’s social sidebar efforts, the folks over at Bing have added a “Pin it” button to the Bing Images search results. No more copy-and-paste. No more extra plugins. Now you can Pin images you find directly from Bing to your Pinterest boards.

Bing introduced the ability to pin images directly to Pinterest after hosting a focus group of lifestyle and design bloggers at Bing’s headquarters last Fall. The group was tasked with better understanding each of the bloggers’ search and social media habits.

The result? The lifestyle and design bloggers are a community that uses images and image search far more than most. And many of the tasks associated around image search involved Pinterest.

The focus group mentioned to Bing that it’s difficult to find efficient ways to find original, high-resolutions images. Filtering the images was even harder.

Bing conducted their research last Fall and released the Pinterest button last week. But earlier this year, Yahoo search brought Flickr images back to its image search. With that re-addition, Yahoo also allowed people to search for images licensed under Creative Commons licenses for use within various applications.

In the announcement, Bing reminded everyone of better ways to search for images using quotation marks and the site: prefix to search within specific sites. For example:


  • “summer dresses” site:anthropologie.com
  • “swimsuit” site:nordstrom.com


  • “memorial day party recipes” site:snackpicks.com
  • “grill recipes” site:seriouseats.com

Regardless, you can now Pin it directly to Pinterest when you use Bing Image search at bing.com/images. What are you going to pin first?

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