Mar 072011

I am plugged in again after the National Day of Unplugging on March 4. I highly recommend the detox if you are a social media addict. I feel cleansed.

Here is what happened while I was gone:

Microsoft’s search engine Bing and Kayak have made nice.

Both companies offer travel information on their websites such as flight ticket prices. In 2009, Kayak accused Microsoft of copying the Kayak site. Bing’s travel search was based on Farecast, a company Microsoft acquired.

On Friday, Bing and Kayak said they are partnering, and Bing will feature Kayak’s airfare info in its travel search results. Microsoft talked about the changes in a Microsoft blog post.

A blog commenter asked whether it had anything to do with Kayak’s accusations about Bing, and the Bing team said in the comments, “No, this is all about providing a better experience for our customers.”

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