Feb 102011


Bing sees gain in search engine marketing shareNew figures have revealed that Bing has gained ground on Google in the last month in terms of its search engine marketing share.

A new report by Experian Hitwise showed that the Microsoft-owned engine increased its share by six per cent in January, while Google lost two per cent and Yahoo! four per cent.

Searches powered by the company accounted for 27.44 per cent of all activities, with 14.62 per cent going through Yahoo! and 12.81 per cent using Bing itself.

Bing’s success rate was also higher than Google’s, with 81.54 per cent of its queries resulting in a visit to a website, compared to 65.58 per cent on Google.

Experian noted that “the share of unsuccessful searches highlights the opportunity for both the search engines and marketers to evaluate the search engine result pages to ensure that searchers are finding relevant information”.

Recently, an argument has broken out between Bing and Google, with the latter accusing Microsoft of copying its results, something Bing flatly denies.

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