Oct 032010

Jonathan Effrat endured a great part of four years working on various parts of Google’s major search, prior to the real solution imposed on him.

The Toronto native witnessed the best way to assist people, find what they are looking for is by, showing them the results prior to the conclusion of their search.

In addition, the Company is opening its Google Instant Search to Canadians. It’s been presented in the U.S., a month ago.

The 29 year old Effrat, born and brought up in Toronto, is Google’s Product Manager, undertaking the entire web search at the Company’s head offices in Mountain View, Calif.

He developed a passion for science and technology as he was born science, which he pursued at an early age.

“I remember using the Internet for the first time (at the museum) and visiting different websites. It just seemed like a whole new opportunity and a whole new interesting source of information”, he was quoted saying.

Following his graduation with a master’s degree in computer science from Stanford University, Effrat joined Google to undertake the search refining process for the company in 2006.

Effrat hails that Google offers over more than one billion search results every day.

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