Dec 192014

Last week I had a Power Flush done to get my central heating done.  In chatting to the plumber it turned out he needed a new website. This guy had been quoted hundreds to build and host a site, so I offered to get something set up for him that he could then maintain himself. […]

May 212012

If, like me, you blog mainly for fun then the satisfaction comes from sharing experiences with others.  On the other hand its also nice to make some money out of your blogs, so if you’re someone that blogs primarily to make money then this post is for you. Making money from Websites So, you have […]

May 142012

If you already already have a website domain bought, hosted and running then you should skip this part and go straight to the Link Building tutorials.  Read about backlinks and how get awesome results from article marketing.  If not, and you are just getting started, then this post is for you. Getting started I wrote […]

May 072012

Of all the questions I get asked, both directly and via the various forums that I actively participate in, this is the most common. So, you have set up a new site, added some content, made it look reasonably presentable, but still you are not appearing in Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.  How can you get […]

Apr 302012

Over 95% of all websites never recoup their investment. Are you one of the few that is making serious money from your site? Getting high quality traffic is not easy. Don’t worry! I am here to help by sharing with you my knowledge of link building tools and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), developed over the […]

Apr 232012

Using Articles to promote your website is not a new idea.  But the evolution of Article Marketing has now taken the practice full-circle.  In the early days articles were about building a presence in the online community, and this use of articles, to establish your brand and provide you with high quality backlinks for very […]

Apr 092012

A lack of traffic is the single biggest factor that contributes to failure of your site.  But worry not.   If, like me, you are always on the lookout for an easy way to increase backlinks then you will love this little gem: FW Traffic Free Hits. Since using the service I have increased my hits […]

Mar 302012

What is the Fastest WordPress Theme? I’ve been searching for the Fastest WordPress theme. If like me, your site loads a little slowly, you need to consider either faster hosting, or a lighter and faster WordPress theme.  Ideally both. Being a tightwad I don’t want to pay top-end hosting rates so it’s on to investigate […]

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Feb 272012

You’ve installed WordPress, added some decent plug-ins (link), and your site is up and running.  You’ve completed some SEO (See my guide – SEO for WordPress).  Next step is to make sure your robots.txt file is optimised. You’re probably wondering whether this is really necessary.  If I just leave my WordPress install alone will it […]