May 212012

If, like me, you blog mainly for fun then the satisfaction comes from sharing experiences with others.  On the other hand its also nice to make some money out of your blogs, so if you’re someone that blogs primarily to make money then this post is for you. Making money from Websites So, you have […]

May 072012

Of all the questions I get asked, both directly and via the various forums that I actively participate in, this is the most common. So, you have set up a new site, added some content, made it look reasonably presentable, but still you are not appearing in Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.  How can you get […]

Apr 092012

A lack of traffic is the single biggest factor that contributes to failure of your site.  But worry not.   If, like me, you are always on the lookout for an easy way to increase backlinks then you will love this little gem: FW Traffic Free Hits. Since using the service I have increased my hits […]

Jan 292012

Twitter and the Traffic Revolution Everyone seems to be talking about Twitter.  But let me guess.  You have already had a look, and probably dismissed Twitter as a gimmick.  Something for narcissists perhaps?  For people that feel the need to broadcast every place they go, every mundane thoughts that enters their vacuous head?  Well, think […]

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Jan 222012

I run around 50 blogs.  Around half are fully automated, using RSS feeds, WP-O-Matic and twitter feeds.  The remainder are my “high-quality” sites, which I keep clean and full of original content that I would be proud to call my own. Building traffic to autoblogs is always a chore.  There are many methods, including link […]