Oct 092011
Chrysler is basking in the glow of another hit advertising campaign, and the Auburn Hills automaker has a Portland ad agency to thank.

Wieden+Kennedy, the same creative team behind “Imported from Detroit,” developed the “Search Engine for the Real World” television and Internet campaign, which saw the Dodge brand hide three Journey crossovers in remote locations around the country just waiting to be discovered by clever viewers.

Melissa Sweeney of Virginia found the final Journey two weeks ago hidden in a barn somewhere in coastal Maine. She tracked down her new ride, in part, by following clues posted on Dodge’s Youtube channel, which blew up during the month-long promotion.

The campaign “proved extremely engaging,” according to Dodge Brand President and CEO Reid Bigland, who said more than 1 million people watched clues on YouTube. The company also announced today that roughly 300,000 people tuned in to live feeds from cameras trained on the hidden vehicles for an average of 25 minutes each.

It’s hard to put a money value on that sort of attention, but it’s got to blow away the cost of three Dodge Journeys, which retail starting at $18,995.

Over on YouTube, viewers have asked Dodge to reprise the “Search Engine for the Real World” campaign with a different vehicle model. “More advertisements please” must have a nice ring to it.

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