Sep 242010


Free Microsoft Points Deal Not As Convenient As It SoundsYeah, you can get 200 free Microsoft Points right now just for using Bing, the company’s search engine. Sounds fast and easy, right? Wrong. Well, you must download the “Bing Bar,” which only works – surprise! – on Internet Explorer.

Not a big deal, right? The thing’s free and every Windows user has a copy, whether they prefer Chrome, Firefox or whatever. Well, Mac users can piss right the hell off. Bing Bar only works on IE 7.0 or later for Windows.

Update: Kotaku reader badarsemother3k says the Bing Bar works in Firefox with a Windows PC, supplying this screengrab. So give it a shot.

But if that Windows-using, IE-surfing description fits you, and I guess it still does for a lot of the global browser market, you’re good as gold. What’s that? Oh, it’s for United States residents only.

For those who are still left, head over to the Bing page to get your tool bar and your points. What you’ll actually be doing is collecting “Reward Points” but those are redeemable for all sorts of things, Microsoft Points on Xbox Live included. You can earn more for participating in daily promotions.

Earn Microsoft Points With Bing! [Xbox 360 Digest Via Joystiq]

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