Jan 242011

Here at AllYourTV.com, we love Google. They send plenty of traffic (Get 10000 free hits) our way by including us in their Google News product and in their search engine results.

But as users of Google, we’ve become increasingly frustrated with the abundance of spam or knock-off articles cluttering the search results. There seem to be thousands of web sites that exist simply to create a bit of SEO juice. We constantly find sites that copy our content wholesale, including it in weirdly named sites such as “Paris Hilton/Mesotheleoma Info.”

And then there are the so-called “content farms” ranging from Demand Media and Associated Content to Examiner.com. These sites pay writers in a cut of ad revenue and in return crank out hundreds of thousands of articles that clog up search results. Not everything on these sites is crap. But since they are more concerned with numbers than quality, the overall usefulness of their content is questionable.

Matt Cutts, a principal engineer at Google, just wrote in a
post on the company’s blog
that the search giant has heard the complaints of customers and is making some changes in the results. “In 2010, we launched two major algorithmic
changes focused on low-quality sites. Nonetheless, we hear the feedback from
the web loud and clear: people are asking for even stronger action on content
farms and sites that consist primarily of spammy or low-quality content.”

The company said it is evaluating multiple changes to its search engine,
“including one that primarily affects sites that copy others’ content and
sites with low levels of original content.”

That is great news for sites such as ours, who spend a lot of time creating content we hope is as strong and relevant as anything else you’ll find on the web.

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