Sep 272010


The Google Doodle today, which replaces the Google logo on the Google main page, is a special one.

It is Google’s birthday, so the mystery Google logo on the main page is a special one: a birthday cake painting.

The painting is by artist Wayne Thiebaud, an artist many associate with pop art, even if the time when he created is before the Pop Art years.

The cake in the picture has Google written on it, with the L being replaced by a candle, to celebrate Google’s 12th birthday.

The interesting thing is that the domain name has been bought on September 15th, 1997.

September 27th, 1998, was the date when the Google company was incorporated.

Google has made a habit of marking special events with so-called “Doodles” – replacing the front page logo with various images that were related to those events and even with a mini Pac Man game.

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