Apr 252013

The “Queen of Jazz” is in the spotlight today on Google’s homepage. A colorful Google Doodle pays tribute to Ella Fitzgerald, who was born on this date 96 years ago. The American jazz vocalist won 13 Grammy awards and sold 40 million albums.


Google’s logo depicts Fitzgerald front and center on a stage, with the letters making up Google’s name serving as stage props in the background behind various musicians.

Fitzgerald, also dubbed “The First Lady of Song”, recorded more than 200 albums during her career that began on an Amateur Night at the Apollo in Harlem, New York, in 1934, and ended with her last concert in 1991 at Carnegie Music Hall in New York City. You can read her full bio on the Official Website of Ella Fitzgerald.

Doodler Betsy Bauer detailed the making of the Doodle, The logo is actually a papercraft illustration that was lit by colored LED lights. Here’s what the Doodle looked like in production:


And here’s how it was lit:


“Ms. Fitzgerald’s songs are soulful, jazzy, and create a very particular mood when played,” Bauer explained. “I wanted to make sure that my doodle captured that essence. I chose to create the doodle out of cut paper because I knew that I could use this technique to imitate real stage-lighting and theatricality.”

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