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There is no doubt that Google has changed the search engine scene for good, with the release of Google Instant search. Not only does this new search engine technology make search faster, it is also provides you a larger volume of accurate search results.

Before you start thinking that it’s simple predictive search or a glorified auto-complete option, take a moment. The new Google Instant turns your search into a stream of results in real time, which are displayed as you type the query and not just after you have completed typing.

So what’s Google Instant Results all about?

As you type a letter in, a new set of results appear on the screen. These results keep changing as you type in more letters. So, in total you can see a lot more results than you do on a normal Google search. The ads displayed change according to the relevance with the words typed in and this in itself will open numerous commercial possibilities.

google instant results Google Instant Results: A Search Engine Revolution?

By providing streaming ‘live’ search results as you type, Google gives you the power to visually scan possible matches as you keep completing the whole query. This also makes manually clicking through the search results redundant. At the same time you may not even need to complete your search query, because possible completed queries in grey appear before you hit the search button.

The new Instant Search is a Search Engine Revolution?

Google has stated that this will save 2-5 seconds on an average per search. Just do the math and you will find out that this could add up to an enormous decrease in time spent on completing web searches. This will, in turn, increase productivity at work.

This option however, does not work if you are looking to complete p0rn searches or those related to violence and hate speech.

If you don’t have it yet on your Google search page, don’t feel left out because the company is in the process of making this feature available to users across the globe. In another two days most Google searches should have the option of activating the Instant. In case you use it but don’t like it much, you can turn off Instant any time you want.

Google has also stated that for now, there are no plans to take Instant to the mobile platform. However should this feature prove a hit, you can expect something in the coming month.

And also, if Instant is a success, perhaps others such as Bing will have to come up with something similar, just to keep up with Google. Additional reading: Richi Jenning from computerworld has an interesting round up on Google instant search that’s worth a check!

Written by Jay Shah

Nurturing a lifelong love affair with machines, Jay simply loves any tech that can make life easier, better, faster and more enjoyable. And with hundreds if not thousands of Gadgets, Apps, Games being launched everyday, there’s more than enough out there to keep this hardcore techie occupied and obsessed!

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