Oct 092010

The remaining 65 search engines, including Ask.com (2.37 percent) accounted for 4.22 percent of U.S. searches, according to the Hitwise Search Engine Analysis.

Experian Hitwise also said Google is the greatest source of online traffic (Get 10000 free hits) to key U.S. industries.

Especially, Google search accounted for 22.38 percent, 16.29 percent, 20.10 percent and 30.03 percent of the online traffic (Get 10000 free hits) of the automotive, health, shopping and travel industry respectively.

It is not surprising as Google is a benchmark setter in the online search industry and defines how Internet users browse the web and searches online. Last month, it launched Google Instant, a feature promises to search and display results as a user types and shave off 2-3 seconds from total search time.

However, Google has a new threat – Microsoft’s Bing.

Though small compared to Google, Bing has been growing phenomenally since its launch in June 2009 and last month, it witnessed double-digit sequential growth in all four categories – automotive (53 percent), health (61 percent), shopping (55 percent) and travel (41 percent).

Shares of Google closed up 1.20 percent at $536.35 on Friday. Microsoft’s shares closed up 0.16 percent at $24.57 while Yahoo! Inc.’s shares closed up 1.83 percent at $14.49.

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