Sep 042010

SAN FRANCISCO: Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is reviewing Google Inc.’s search methods for suggesting websites, in an investigation impelled by few companies who accuse Google of using its supremacy as the World’s most sought after search engine.

Google started merely 12 years ago in a garage and since then have made every effort to be the Number One Search Engine. Its annual revenue is around $30 billion.

The inquiry is centered on the subject matter of whether Google is suppressing competition from its rivals by maneuvering its search results. Influential search engines by companies like Yahoo Inc., Microsoft Corp. and IAC/InterActiveCorp’s are a great threat to its current user base.

Attorney General Greg Abbott has been the first to start a review for Google’s distrustful acts.

Google’s search results often compel a user to approach only those companies who are on the first page of its results. The ones at the bottom or on the rest of the pages go unnoticed. Such a pattern is causing serious losses to many traders on the internet. It has also been witnesses that many times Google favors its own products and services.This is already under scrutiny by the European regulators.

As per Don Harrison, Google’s deputy general counsel, Google, “ looks forward to answering (Abbott’s) questions because we’re confident that Google operates in the best interests of our users,” Harrison also revealed the names of few of the companies whose details have been asked by Abbott. , SourceTool, which has an e-commerce site catering to businesses; MyTriggers and Foundem, both of which are shopping comparison sites.

Google is also under the scanner of many law officials in the U.S and Europe who have been constantly monitoring Google’s acquisitions and Privacy Policies.

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