Sep 272010


Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt had an interview with Charlie Rose this week and it will be aired on PBS Network this Friday.  In the interview, Schmidt says that Facebook isn’t really any concern of Google’s right now.  The search engine that Microsoft has, called Bing, is actually the competitor they are concerned about most right now.

Microsoft has more cash and engineers than Google, Schmidt says and they are more well known for their “storied reputation of technology innovation”.  Google’s search numbers are still well at the top of the charts with about 65 percent, but Microsoft has been on the increase over the past year, and they are sitting at about 11 percent, according to comScore.

Even though you might think that with all the stories about Google’s social network, Facebook would be the largest competition, but Schmidt says that with the studies Google has done, it appears that Facebook users use Google more.  The two companies fit very well together, or at least the demographics are very much the same for both web sites at this time.

Google’s CEO also mentioned one other thing in the interview and that is that Google has expanded it’s agreement to provide Apple with search services.  That is very curious since Android is starting to gain on the iPhone in the mobile smartphone market.

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