Aug 232010

Major search engines offer something similar to each other — a pay per click attribute. This serves as a sale booster to some search engines because it allows marketers to get a grasp of their target audience easily by making them access pages that they did not search directly.

This only means that a pay per click program will enable you to get more visitors and more web surfers. It is also making your way to the top of the search list for a minimal price. It got its name from the purpose it serves – to get people from clicking on your web Ad. The payment depends on how many people clicked through your web ad and made their way to your website. This is automatic web visit and sometimes web sales. It is different from pay-per-impression advertising that is based on the idea of paying advertisers based on the number of people who saw your ad on your web page or somewhere else. Based on experience, advertisers choose the pay-per-click route because it already offers results and not just mere sightings of the Ad. According to pay per click management, a click through means a surfer already visited your web page and not just saw it somewhere on the web.

Pay per impression on the other hand works well with brands that only want to increase awareness and visibility. A mere sighting of the ad is impressive for some. To get started, there are two categories under the pay per click universe: The first one is “Search PPC”. These are the ones you see at the right column of a Google search. Yes, these are the yellow portions that annoy you sometimes whenever you use the search engine for your queries. Results are calculated differently in here because it is far from the computations done in normal ranking processes. The top search spots come with a price. A regular bidding for the top spots are made regularly. This means that you need to buy that spot regularly in able to stay on top of the search pile which can be maintained by ppc management. Some search engines even try to mix their paid listings into their natural listings to make it even interesting. They even hide it from plain sight to make it inaccessible to people. The other pay per click category is “Content PPC”. These are the little boxes under the browser that says “Ads by Google”. These even eats up your internet window space and annoy you at times. Instead of paying for the top spots, you buy space on relevant pages to make your ad closer to your intended audience. If sorting is based on keywords, matching your ad to pages is completely different. Keywords, in themselves, are definite. Search engines Ads that are content-based are matched by the search engine based on the similarity of the subject matter. In general, content PPC costs less because the users that are targeted are less actively seeking a link.

One of the best means to get better ranking for any website is the organic Search Engine Optimization which is the most natural means of web site optimization of the SEO packages anyway; even the ppc pay per click helps the sites to a large extent.

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