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Search engine traffic (Get 10000 free hits) is a simple and free way for websites to gain traffic (Get 10000 free hits) through content creation. The process of creating a search engine optimized website is often foreshadowed with images of final results but in reality to be successful with your website you must start from the ground up.

During the design and development phase of creating a website, large portions of the development time should be allocated toward a search engine optimisation plan. By optimizing your website well before it launches you’re ensuring that each new piece of content performs at its best to rank well in search engines and pull in visitors.

So what is the best way to optimize your website for search engines?

The following article will explain the process of using proper research to achieve high rankings within search engines from the beginning to end.

Website Development Phase

As noted in the introduction, search engine optimisation should be taken seriously. Whether you’re doing your own SEO or hiring a developer for your website creation, you’ll need to know a few fundamentals before the code is ever touched:

 ? What keywords will you be attempting to capture?

 ? Will your domain name be keyword rich or brand-able

 ? How do you plan to create content in a fashion which ranks well in search engines?

Ask yourself well in advance what milestones must be created besides the website development; knowing how you will market you website in advance will ensure you start by leaps and bounds.

Website development: on-site optimisation

During the actual development phase you will need to ask your designer (or learn yourself) the factors which determine a highly optimized web page and website. In simplest terms, on-page search engine optimisation is the method of crafting your website’s HTML code to be highly optimized and web compliant.

Some of the main factors for an on-page optimized website are:

 ? Using keywords within the page title

 ? Using keywords within the description (this appears in search engines)

 ? Creating great content with your main keywords but also that web users want to share and link to

 ? Filling in alt and title text on images and other forms of media

 ? Interlinking pages of your website with keyword rich descriptions

These are the fundamentals to on-page optimisation; we can’t be sure every aspect as search engines keeps their search algorithms secret but using the above will be the best place to start.

Off-page search engine optimisation

After the website has been created, you will need to begin building backlinks (Get massive backlinks) to your website. backlinks (Get massive backlinks) are indicators to search engines that others have found content helpful and thus should appear higher within search engine results. As part of your plan to create a highly optimized website, you will need to do a few of the following to build a healthy search engine optimisation plan:

 ? Write great content which people want to link to

 ? Submit your website to social bookmarking websites

 ? Submit articles and posts to article websites or blogs

 ? Participate in social media to build an audience which promote your website

 ? Comment on blogs to leave your backlink

There are literally dozens of ways to build backlinks (Get massive backlinks) to your website; focus on a few at a time and avoid at all cost methods which are considered ‘black hat’ which can hurt your website rankings.

Using the above tactics from the ground up, you will be able to optimize your website for search engines. 

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