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tweetsbotTwitter and the Traffic Revolution

Everyone seems to be talking about Twitter.  But let me guess.  You have already had a look, and probably dismissed Twitter as a gimmick.  Something for narcissists perhaps?  For people that feel the need to broadcast every place they go, every mundane thoughts that enters their vacuous head?  Well, think again.  Twitter is an absolutely killer marketing tool. And I am going to show you how to make the most of it.

The details of what follows used to be the body of an eBook that I sold online.  But I have decided to share it for free with you.  If you find this information useful please Tweet me, or add a link in your Facebook using the buttons at the bottom of the article.  I appreciate it and am here to help you if you have any questions at all.

How to use Twitter for Huge traffic, in just 2 minutes a day

Follow the steps below and you will see the benefits of a Twitter following and all the extra visitors it will bring.

1.  Create your blog or website

I assume you already have one of these, but if not then this Getting Started guide will help you get up and running with a site in 60 minutes or so.  For the purposes of this guide I am using WordPress.org as your site architecture but don’t worry if not.  The principles work in the same way for any site.

2.  Create a Twitter account

Go to Twitter.com, create a new account and fill in the details.  I recommend putting in a short, interesting bio that describes you.  Or that describes the “other” you if you are using a pseudonym for your site promotuion.  At the very least add a photo, a location and a few words about you.  For example “Entrepreneur, fashion designer and party girl.  I love to share fashion tips with girls and boys in the party scene”.

3.  Create a Feedburner account

This step is essential.  If you have a WordPress blog you automatically have an rss feed on it.  But you need to turn that to use Feedburner (www.feedburner.com).  If you are using a non WordPress site then there are many other tools that will create an RSS feed for you, from the base html.  Several places offer the service, including www.html2rss.com.

Set up your feedburner account, and configure all the parameters if you wish.  If you want to keep it quick, just leave all the defaults as they are.  The only crucial one is…


Set up Feedburner as per the screenshot

4.  Configure Feedburner Socialise

This is what will get you huge traffic on autopilot.  Once you have set this up then every time that you put an article on your website, whether news, a blog post, or an article, it will generate a Twitter feed – 100% automatically.

Set up Feedburner on the Socialise tab (see screenshot).  Enter your twitter ID on that page, so that Google’s feedburner automatically send every posting out to the social web.  You can add hash tags (labels) to tweets on this tab too, but I generally don’t bother.

5. Get Thousands of Twitter followers

Not as hard as it sounds!  So long as you have an interesting profile, with a picture, you will attract followers automatically.  Just try it.  Leave your account and you will see people arrive and follow.  But that takes time.  The trick here is to get followers quickly. So how can you get lots of followers on Twitter quickly?

First, you need to follow the maximum number of people that you can every day.  There is no published limit but I’d recommend no more than 100 per day.  Secondly, you need to follow-back anyone that follows you.  Why?  Because there is a limit of people you can follow on Twitter, unless others are following you.  The initial limit is 2000, and you need 2000 followers to be able to follow any more.

The way to overcome the barrier is to follow people, wait for them to follow you back (30% or so will do so) and then unfollow those that haven’t.  You can do all this on Twitter.com but I strongly recommend using automated software.  I use Tweetsbot, which works very well.  Unlike other Twitter robots you can use it with as many accounts as you like.

Every morning use Tweetsbot to automatically 1) Follow everyone who is following me 2) Unfollow 100 people who are not following me 3) follow 100 new people.  It runs on a script so all you need to do is press start.  A great tool.

6.  Post on your blog

Simply create a new article, blog post or whatever on your blog, as you always have done.  No new technique needed.  Nothing to click.  Simply publish your new content and Feedburner will tweet it to your mass of followers automatically.  If its an interesting post, you will get some extra retweets, which increases the circle of people that see it exponentially.

Twitter’s Great Virtuous circle

So, all done.  Now just make sure you keep adding those Twitter followers.  After a while the articles will attract people to your site, the interest will generate more followers, those will retweet your article links, and so on.  All in a big virtuous circle of link love.  Soon your site visitor traffic numbers will start to increase dramatically, virtually on autopilot.


Do you have any comments on my technique?  How do you use Twitter?  And what about Tweetsbot?  Please leave your comment below – and you even get a free backlink to your site.

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