Sep 222010

Though it’s not the first time, Microsoft is rolling out a new search loyality program, reports Search Engine Land. Bing Rewards Preview is a credit card or airline-style loyalty program that offers users credits that can be redeemed for products, gift cards or charitable donations. To make use of the program, people first have to install the Bing Bar toolbar, have a Windows Live ID, be on a Windows machine and use Internet Explorer. “No Chrome or Firefox, no Macs,” writes Search Engine Journal. Uses get 250 credits for signing up, and then accrue additional credits by taking desired actions or conducting searches. How much is a search “worth,” or how many searches does it take to get a single credit. “Until October 2, you can earn one credit for every five Bing searches, and up to eight credits per day,” Microsoft tell Search Engine Land’s Greg Sterling. “According to that schedule it would take just under a year to qualify for a Scrabble game,” Sterling calculates. Nice. As Sterling note, failed Microsoft search loyalty programs include SearchPerks and Cashback.

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