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NowRelevant.com monitors millions of sources and feeds to give users the most current info on a subject from the past 14 days

BOSTON, Oct. 11 /PRNewswire/ — NowRelevant.com, a high-powered search engine that lets PPC campaign users access every written word about a subject from the last 14 days, was launched on October 11th, making it easier than ever before for website owners to provide a more relevant search option by filtering outdated results. NowRelevant.com lets website owners, blog owners and social networkers install a niche search engine widget that displays results from only the last two weeks. The search widget can be obtained by going to http://www.nowrelevant.com/widget and copying the html code and then placing it on a website.

NowRelevant.com allows users of its PPC campaigns to access a wealth of its resources dating back chronologically to exactly 14 days from the time of their search, which allows both the viewers of the search results and PPC advertisers to target their campaigns to a specific set of keyword phrases. The results that appear through the search do not appear based on a website ranking like they do in other search engines. Instead, the results are purely based on subject relevance and the date that the information was posted, allowing advertisers to compete better. NowRelevant.com can easily be installed on any website, blog or social media profile.

“NowRelevant.com is a clean and simple way to search,” said Curt Dalton. “Users are not confronted with shopping results, image results, video results or outdated information, but instead are presented with only the most relevant articles and blog posts. Now users won’t have to sift through pages of information that is outdated or irrelevant to the subject matter they’re seeking.”

The new niche search engine widget was developed so that website owners could provide a different and updated Internet search option for people who visit their websites, blogs or social media profiles. NowRelevant.com was developed by flipping around the niche Internet marketing software that was released last year called The Internet Time Machine. The ITM tracks Internet trends and is backed by powerful cloud computing software.

Owner of NowRelevant.com and the ITM, Curt Dalton noted, “Currently, website owners have two standard options if they want to install a search widget on their website. They either have to place a standard search bar which only searches for items on their own website, or they can use Google’s search bar. The NowRelevant.com widget is user friendly and simple for website owners to install.”

Special offer for first-time users: For a limited time only, NowRelevant.com is offering the first 100 website owners who install the new niche search engine widget on their website a $25.00 Amazon gift card. Visit NowRelevant.com to try out the new search engine widget.

About NowRelevant.com: By using advanced cloud computing algorithms, the worldwide software project known as “The Internet Time Machine,” when flipped around, is also a high powered search engine that is now opened up to the public. NowRelevant.com is the link to The Internet Time Machine’s backend search engine that gives you every written word about a subject for the past 14 days. It monitors millions of sources and feeds to give you the most up to date and pertinent information on your subject. With the historical clutter that permeates the web (not all of the html pages are clutter, but much of it is irrelevant now) we decided to set up a complex system of filtering and algorithms to give you just discussions and information about your subject for the past 14 days only.

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