May 082012

Fareham, Hampshire (PRWEB UK) 8 May 2012

A brand new search engine with a unique take on targeted search results has launched specifically for the older internet user. Designed with 50+ surfers in mind, is tailored to the search preferences of a mature audience.

Developed by the team behind online portal, AskMabel uses an intuitive search agent to fine tune displayed results to more closely match topics and ages relevant to older internet fans. This level of demographic profiling helps to create a seamless user experience, providing a quicker and easier route to finding relevant information online.

Jon Wickham, Owner and founder of Mabels said, “Over 50s are rapidly becoming prolific internet users with traditional desktop and mobile phone access on the increase. It’s very important that information about issues affecting the older generation are easily and broadly accessible. There are so many fantastic web sites and information out there but we found that finding them quickly without wasting valuable time having to search all over the place wasn’t as easy as you’d think. AskMabel has been designed in conjunction with and uses all of our expertise gathered from years of working with internet users over 50 to help them find suitable answers to their search queries as quickly as possible.”

Ask Mabel combines the innovative ability to match and fine tune the results of searches directly to the topic and age of the older internet user with an intuitive, super-clean interface. An information-rich design adds to the user experience, keeping search screens and results pages on topic for clearer, more concise searching, including large font and useful buttons like ‘clear search term’.

When entering a search term in to the search box, the user can choose to Ask Mabel to find internet pages related to specific categories such as health, finance, retirement, mobility or homecare or can opt for a Google-powered search. The results page shows the pre-selected web pages determined to be most applicable to the older user.

Latest topical news relevant to the age group is sourced manually and automatically, with headlines shown on the left of all results for convenience. News items are also sourced from the portal, making them highly relevant to the over 50s.

The launch of AskMabel has been driven in part by the meteoric rise in so called ‘silver surfers’ in the UK over the last 24 months. Research by Nielsen suggests that more than 12 million people over 50 use the Internet regularly. Their studies found that the older generation have embraced the internet, using it to carry out everyday tasks such as shopping or booking a holiday. Driven by this proliferation, niche websites have sprung up from providers such as Saga, women’s clothing retailers and a number of cruise lines, targeting the older, tech-savvy internet user. AskMabel helps users to correlate all of this data and access only the most relevant of web pages, making it easy to navigate the internet and find information of interest.

Jon Wickham added, “Filtering the users search results to the topic of the search as well as the age group of the user is the first steps to a much improved internet browsing experience and believes is the way forward in attracting the quality and value content we all strive for.”

To find out more about AskMabel and to conduct a tailored search, visit

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