Dec 092010

A new tool from Google aims to help AdWords users reach new markets for their goods and services via search engine marketing.

Announced earlier this week on the Inside AdWords blog, the Google Global Market Finder is a free online tool that the company claims will help advertisers connect with customers in overseas markets, “whether those customers are consumers or businesses searching for suppliers online.”

Michael Galvez and Srinidhi Viswanatha of Google’s Global Advertisers team say that the tool works by analysing entered keywords in the context of a specific market or region. This can reportedly be either a geographic region, such as the Americas, a political region such as the European Union, or a more loosely defined economic market such as the “G20 economies.”

The tool will automatically translate the chosen keywords into the native languages of the selected markets, even where several different countries have been selected. These will then be ranked in each location by “market opportunity” – a combination of search volume, suggested bid price, and competition.

“With this tool, businesses can answer questions like ‘how competitive is this market?’, “how does demand in one location compare to demand elsewhere in the world?’, and ‘how much would it cost to start advertising in this new market?’,” Galves and Viswanatha say in their post.

“There are more than 1.9 billion people online – wouldn’t you like to add some of them as customers?”

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