Feb 082011

National ICT Australia (NICTA) has partnered with Microsoft to develop technology aimed at improving the performance of online video search engines.

The research association, which is funded by the federal government and has five labs across Australia, will work with Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) to make it easier for computers to better understand video content.

Project leader, Dr Jian Zhang, said NICTA technology will be vital to the success of the project.

“NICTA has technology that recognises and models video-based action, which we developed for automation of video surveillance systems,” Zhang said in a statement.

“In this new project, we are exploring the application of this technology to online video search so that search engines can deliver more accurate, faster results.”

With most search engines supporting keyword search retrieval for video-based content, the joint-research is set to take the next step by mapping action words from video titles.

A statement from the NICTA said the Australian team will develop prototype software and algorithms which will then be tested with Microsoft’s video metadata.

MSRA group manager, Asia Shipeng Li, said the research project will mark the start of long-term collaboration between the two groups.

“I believe this research collaboration will result in real progress in the area of large-scale database search based on human action recognition,” Li said in a statement. “This research direction is well aligned with Microsoft’s research strategy. We expect to establish a long-term research collaboration between MSRA and NICTA in this area.”

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