Sep 152010

Search Engine optimisation (SEO) is not an one time activity, continued process to improve the visibility of a web site or a web page through natural unpaid search results in a search engines.

Thump rule for Internet marketing: GET ON 1ST PAGE, GET MORE VISITORS = MORE SALE

Many SEO tools and SEO companies will attract you in a words saying that your site will be listed in first page within a day, within a week, within a month…..etc.

My dear Internet marketing friend, Google, Yahoo or Bing search engines itself NEVER say such a commitment to pull your site into first page within few days. So, stop spending such useless investment and concentrate on your site contents and genuine way of promoting your website.

SLOWLY AND STEADILY you will get good results.

Step 1 : Identify high ranking keywords for your business from Google keyword suggestion tool. Just concentrate couple of keywords for your SEO.

Step 2. Build your web pages with useful relevant information with keywords identified in Step 1. Google says, “Focus on the user and all else will follow”. Must remember “Content is King”.

Step 3: Must provide unique relevant title in all of your web pages.

Step 4: Must provide unique META description and keywords in all of your web pages.

Step 5: Create HTML Sitemap to easily navigate your site.

Step 6: Create XML Sitemap and submit it to search engines. This will inform the search engines about your web pages and time frequency for crawling.

Step 7 : You need to increase linking count and popularity to reach out target audiences over the web. To improve your external linking, you need to do many submissions and it must be SPAM free. To avoid SPAM issues you must not use any AUTOMATED submission tools.

Step 8 : If you are promoting software product, create PAD XML (product info for download sites) and submit to download directories. You will get targeted visitors as well as reselling partners from download sites.

Step 9 : Create press announcement and submit to PR sites. Note that PR can be published immediately in google search results (you can see News Results in first page of google).

Step 10 : Create topic niche articles and submit to article directories. You can use your site links at the bottom of the article or author bio paragraph.

Step 11: Submit your site to free download directories.

How your site gets higher search results without link building process?
By referral search users visit your site by your targeted keywords. On later stages your product/service information links will be visible on download directories, press release sites, article sites, rss feed broadcasting sites, free ad sites and video sites. Automatically search engine improves your product/service page popularity and show them in top results.

Both content and links plays major role in SEO. Links are important for getting high search engine rankings. Content is important to drive more relevant traffic (Get 10000 free hits) of-course sales on your site.

Good luck for your Internet marketing success !

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