May 212012

If, like me, you blog mainly for fun then the satisfaction comes from sharing experiences with others.  On the other hand its also nice to make some money out of your blogs, so if you’re someone that blogs primarily to make money then this post is for you. Making money from Websites So, you have […]

Apr 092012

A lack of traffic is the single biggest factor that contributes to failure of your site.  But worry not.   If, like me, you are always on the lookout for an easy way to increase backlinks then you will love this little gem: FW Traffic Free Hits. Since using the service I have increased my hits […]

Feb 242011

China Mobile and Xinhua News Agency launched a search engine earlier this week. Panguso offers news, images, video, community, music, commentary and more for traditional online services. The service will expand to mobile devices, including the ability to send search results to mobile phones through SMS. The joint venture combines content from China’s largest news […]

Feb 172011

Google has done its homework. According to a new study, the search engine is returning half the number of malicious software links that it did six months ago, while its rivals have seen the opposite trend. After being labeled the “king of malware” back in July 2010, Google cut the amount of malicious software attacks […]

Feb 112011

Comment Google built a multi-billion-dollar advertising empire atop a service that does little more than copy information from other sources. And yet it chastises others when they do the copying. It’s an irony that could land the company in some very hot water. Google made (countless) headlines last week when, after an intricate “sting operation”, […]

Feb 052011

In what is perhaps the most brilliant move in the whole Bing copies Google search results fiasco, it looks like Google Taiwan employee Chih-Chung Chang has redirected, a URL inspired by the nonsense terms Google used to bait Bing, straight to the Google Jobs page. Search Engine Land points out that that Chang registered the domain […]

Feb 052011

Microsoft hit back at Google Wednesday over accusations that it stole Google search results for its Bing search engine, accusing Google of engaging in a honeypot attack and going after Bing because it was worried about its growth. “In simple terms, Google’s ‘experiment’ was rigged to manipulate Bing search results through a […]

Feb 022011

The Baidu (BIDU) engine shows no signs of stalling. Shares for China’s dominant online search engine jumped 8% after hours Monday, after the company once again smashed analyst views with its financial results. Its outlook also beat. The company said revenue more than doubled to $371.3 million from $184.7 million […]