Nov 262014

In the search engine game, it’s all about eyeballs. Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft rake in billions each year from search ads, and now those companies are competing to be the default search engine in Mobile Safari on your iPhone and iPad. It’s easy to change Safari’s default search engine.  Until now it’s always been Google, […]

Jun 302014

Above: A screenshot of Microsoft’s Bing search engine. How can you leverage mobile to increase profitability for your company? Find out at MobileBeat, VentureBeat’s 7th annual event on the future of mobile, on July 8-9 in San Francisco. Register now and save $200! Bing, the Pepsi of search engines, today expanded upon its existing partnership with Twitter. Google […]

Apr 162013

Separate from Bing’s social sidebar efforts, the folks over at Bing have added a “Pin it” button to the Bing Images search results. No more copy-and-paste. No more extra plugins. Now you can Pin images you find directly from Bing to your Pinterest boards. Bing introduced the ability to pin images directly to Pinterest after […]

May 072012

Of all the questions I get asked, both directly and via the various forums that I actively participate in, this is the most common. So, you have set up a new site, added some content, made it look reasonably presentable, but still you are not appearing in Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.  How can you get […]

Apr 272012

by Liane Cassavoy, PCWorld   Editor’s Note: The following article is reprinted from Bing versus Google: It’s the modern-day version of Coke versus Pepsi. For many people, the two search engines are indistinguishable. Both search the Web and deliver images, news, and product information in easy-to-read formats. But which one is better—and can you […]

Oct 032010

Just because Yahoo Inc.’s U.S. website and Microsoft Corp.’s Bing are using the same technological ingredients for searching the Internet doesn’t mean they’re slicing and dicing the results the same way, too. Understanding the differences can be helpful, particularly for people looking for the best alternative to Google Inc.’s dominant search engine. The 10-year search […]

Sep 302010

The search engine wars are back as Bing goes head-to-head with Google. With Microsoft’s Bing jumping into second place in market share and assuming control of Yahoo’s back-end search, the stage is set for a Google-Bing showdown. In an attempt to throw aside preconceived notions, I’ve compared the most prominent […]

Sep 222010

<img src="” alt=”post_img” width=”80″ class=”wpo-image” /> Home >> Industry News >>Search Engine Marketing News2010-09-21 <img src="” alt=”Bing” s=”” PPC=”” prices=”” will=”” rise=”” after=”” the=”” yahoo=”” transition.=”” width=”300″ /> With Yahoo set to migrate paid searches to Bing in October, the media investment firm GroupM expects the marketing platform will experience a three-week period of volatility.  […]