Jan 262015

Google has been talking for years about “building the Star Trek computer,” a conversational machine that understands and naturally communicates answers to spoken questions. The company has been making incremental progress toward that objective. But with the launch of Cortana on the PC, Microsoft may have leaped ahead of its rival. Microsoft’s new holographic goggles, HoloLens, and digital assistant Cortana […]

Jun 042014

With a search engine, Apple could retain the walled-garden approach and avoid working with Microsoft or Google. Watching Apple roll out its new software offerings this week, especially its updated Spotlight search with the Bing search engine supposedly running the back end, makes me wonder how long Apple will use a Microsoft search product before […]

May 062013

If last week’s data on the rise of mobile research and conversion didn’t stir an action, more stats are surfacing from the Local Search Association and comScore that show mobile, local, and apps are the trifecta in web marketing. According to the report, local search via non-PC devices more than quadrupled in 2012: <img alt="share-of-web-traffic […]

Aug 102012

Google is seeing huge mobile search growth and search engines are widely used by mobile device owners. However a new study confirms that search is not the center of the mobile universe, as it is online. I discuss many of the top-line findings of the study, conducted by Nielsen and commissioned by Telmetrics and xAd, […]

Feb 052011

Microsoft hit back at Google Wednesday over accusations that it stole Google search results for its Bing search engine, accusing Google of engaging in a honeypot attack and going after Bing because it was worried about its growth. “In simple terms, Google’s ‘experiment’ was rigged to manipulate Bing search results through a […]

Jan 272011

Qwiki, a Flipboard-meets-Wikipedia search engine backed by Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, launched on Monday. “We’ve all seen science fiction films (or read novels) where computers are able to collect data on behalf of humans, and present the most important details. This is our goal at Qwiki- to advance information technology to the […]

Jan 212011

If you’ve noticed lately that Google’s search results are a bit spammy, you’re not alone. In a blog post, Google Principal Engineer Matt Cutts acknowledged that “we have seen a slight uptick of spam in recent months,” and that tech watchers are growing critical. Cutts then outlined a few new initiatives to improve the quality […]

Oct 122010

China’s largest online retailer Taobao.com has launched a public beta version of its new Chinese search engine Etao, a competitor to sites such as Baidu and Google. Alibaba Group subsidiary Taobao is releasing little information about Etao. A company spokeswoman described it as a “shopping search engine” but the site goes beyond providing web results […]

Oct 112010

Microsoft will fold its Live Labs research team, which focused on Web technologies, into its Bing search engine unit, the company said on its Web site. Microsoft launched Live Labs in early 2006 with an aim of quickly developing Internet-based technologies including multimedia search, user experience (UX) design, distributed computing and data mining to compete […]

Oct 082010

Twitter has overhauled the back-end infrastructure of its search engine, boosting its speed and capacity to index posts, process queries and deliver results, while making the system more stable and better suited for the addition of new features. Twitter transferred its search engine to the new platform in recent weeks, after working on the new […]