Sep 052014

When it comes to PPC account structure, it seems like everyone has a different approach. Even within our office, there’s disagreement about the best way to structure things. (Thankfully, no fist fights have broken out…yet.) Why is it that there doesn’t seem to be a unified theory of account structure? My take is that the […]

Dec 102013

Everyone knows that PPC helps to increase sales. After all, PPC almost always drives incremental traffic (Get 10000 free hits) to a website and some of those visitors are likely to convert. Much was made of Google’s 2011 Search Ads Pause study, which showed that 89 percent of site visits were incremental to organic results. […]

Dec 102013

Does your blog suck? If you’re not publishing informative, engaging content or you’re constantly pimping your company more than offering value to your readers, it probably does. Don’t worry. Even if your blog does indeed suck, you can still salvage it and transform it into a leader in your niche. Let’s look at some of […]

May 282013

In February 2013, Google announced a big change coming to AdWords PPC advertising: enhanced campaigns. Several feature and functionality improvements are associated with the upgrade, but most notable is the integration with tablet and mobile (smartphone) devices. The new campaigns make tablet ads mandatory and mobile phones an optional percentage of click bid. In the past […]

Apr 302013

Ad copy testing is one of the basic tenets of PPC advertising. The ability to test several ad variations at once is valuable to advertisers. Yet, a surprising number of PPC advertisers don’t take advantage of ad copy testing at all. Of those that do test, many do so in a haphazard, disorganized manner. I […]

Aug 092011

Search Marketing Manager in Central Bristol A Search Marketing Manager is sought to join this web marketing agency in Bristol that offers Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Management to a large volume of Small Business clients. The company specializes in process orientated PPC Management, Social Media Management and SEO. […]

Jun 242011

Roughly one in seven people around the world visit Google monthly. How do we know? Google has just become the first company to break the billion visitor mark for the monthly unique visitor (MUV) metric. Google’s Growth and Billion-User Base Despite increased competition from Bing, not to mention a number of new search engines […]

Sep 222010

<img src="” alt=”post_img” width=”80″ class=”wpo-image” /> Home >> Industry News >>Search Engine Marketing News2010-09-21 <img src="” alt=”Bing” s=”” PPC=”” prices=”” will=”” rise=”” after=”” the=”” yahoo=”” transition.=”” width=”300″ /> With Yahoo set to migrate paid searches to Bing in October, the media investment firm GroupM expects the marketing platform will experience a three-week period of volatility.  […]

Sep 072010

7th September 2010 by William Hobson The level of search engine marketing spend by some of the world’s biggest brands on Google’s AdWords platform has been revealed in an internal document seen by AdAge. The document gives several insights into how major brands have made use of AdWords advertising for the six months leading to June […]