Feb 122015

World News Hong Kong Civics Class Puts Beijing on Edge Media & Marketing Online Tickets Seek Bigger Role at the Movies Environment & Science Which Countries Create Most Ocean Trash? Personal Technology: Geoffrey Fowler Time to Choose a Facebook Heir NBA In the NBA, Dunking Isn’t for Everyone At Work How We Fell in Love […]

Aug 302014

Last month, Search Engine Journal introduced LinkPatrol, a WordPress plugin we’ve developed that empowers site owners to find, review, and clean up outgoing links. Since then, we’ve been collecting feedback. (Thank you responders!) We got a lot of interesting answers to this question: What’s the one thing you would add to LinkPatrol? One of the most popular answers: The ability to nofollow […]

Mar 152014

Q. I have a wedge with a short chain attached clearly marked St. Catharines that I believe to be between 80 and 100 years old. What other products besides axes and wedges would (the company) have manufactured? A: The wedge is from the Warren Axe and Tool Company, which had a factory in St. Catharines. […]

Jan 042014

Nearly 9 out of 10 businesses– 88%–say they will use social media as a marketing tool in 2014. That’s the highest percentage ever, according to eMarketer. It’s clear that businesses are fully embracing social media marketing as a way to engage with prospects and clients. And more importantly, perhaps, businesses are putting more effort and […]

Dec 182013

According to data released by comScore Video Metrix, 189.2 million Americans watched 47.1 billion online content videos in November 2013, while the number of video ad views totaled 26.8 billion. By comparison, 182 million U.S. Internet users watched nearly 40 billion online content videos in November 2012, while video ad views reached 10.5 billion. Top […]

Dec 182013

You know that story about the cobbler’s children not having shoes and walking barefoot uphill in the snow? It’s a heartbreaker and it’s one we can all relate to. We all know what it feels like to kill ourselves for someone else, only to let our own needs go unmet. Whether you work in an […]

Aug 112013

We think in story. It’s hardwired in our brain. It’s how we make strategic sense of the otherwise overwhelming world around us. – Lisa Cron, Wired for Story  It’s no longer enough to build a great looking web site that gets traffic (Get 10000 free hits).  Those are just the bare essentials and won’t take […]

May 282013

In February 2013, Google announced a big change coming to AdWords PPC advertising: enhanced campaigns. Several feature and functionality improvements are associated with the upgrade, but most notable is the integration with tablet and mobile (smartphone) devices. The new campaigns make tablet ads mandatory and mobile phones an optional percentage of click bid. In the past […]