Apr 092012

A lack of traffic is the single biggest factor that contributes to failure of your site.  web_traffic_graphBut worry not.   If, like me, you are always on the lookout for an easy way to increase backlinks then you will love this little gem: FW Traffic Free Hits. Since using the service I have increased my hits by a factor of ten overnight, and its 100% free.  That’s the real kind of free by the way, as in no sign-up, no email required etc.

This site is awesome.  You will get thousands of hits per day, from real people, not robots.

Sales = Hits x Conversion rate

This tool won’t increase the conversion rate (i.e. the percentage of your visitors you turn into a sale).  But it will increase the hits.  That alone allows you to get your wares in front of enough people to increase sales.

1. The system is 100% FREE.  There is no risk, there is no sign-up and no-one is going to ask for your credit card.
2. The system is viral.  Traffic increases exponentially, doubling each day while you do other things.
3. The system is entirely automated.  It will send ongoing traffic around the clock long after you have it stopped using it directly yourself.

How to get Ten thousand hits per week

  • Go to FW Traffic
  • Get your sign-up code
  • Enter your website URL
  • Sit back and watch your hits increase…

Try it and let me know what you think.  I sound very enthusiastic but that’s only because it works and its free.  I havent used it long enough to see if it increases my sales yet, so I’ll come back and post an update in a few weeks.

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