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Search engine optimisation is basically the use of strategies that would allow search engine crawler find keywords or data in your website that would help index or rank your website higher. Search engine bots mostly gather data through the text content of the website that is why website content is one strategy that is primary in the SEO strategies of SEO consultants and SEO companies. Images on the other hand are skipped by search engine crawlers or search engine bots but for SEO companies and SEO consultants such images are not seen as “dead weight” rather it is seen as an opportunity to develop an SEO strategy. Although images are skipped by search engines SEO companies and SEO consultants have found use for it and this is through the aesthetics of a website. No human user would like to look at a plain text website, sometimes message is conveyed better through images therefore for SEO consultants and SEO companies when developing a website the use of images is imperative as this would increase the aesthetic value of the website, which, as a consequence would increase the possibility of conversion of users to clients and the loyalty of your websites’ visitors. The aesthetic look and feel of a website may not be much of a factor for a search engine crawler but it is an important factor for a website visitor.

Another method that were developed by SEO companies and SEO consultants is by exploiting the tag that would create the image. It is a known fact that images are displayed because of the <img> tag in HTML and since web crawlers are unable to gather data from images SEO consultants and SEO companies have utilised the image tags’ alt attribute as an avenue to place the keyword. The alt attribute stands for alternative text and this is the text being displayed by the web browser if the image is not properly displayed by the same browser. The text placed in the alt attribute is recognised by search engine crawlers as a data that is worth processing in the search engine’s central engine.

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