Feb 122012

Changes to the top vavigation of their search engine optimisation website have been revealed by ArticleSearchEngineMarketing.com. This comes as a part of the functionality aspect of their website overhaul.

(PRWEB) February 12, 2012

Today, ArticleSearchEngineMarketing.com has announced that they have completely the main functionality of their search engine optimisation website’s brand new top navigation. Not only did they update the functionality, they updated the aesthetics of the top navigation, including brand new item links. However, it’s worth pointing out that not all of the pages these links point to have any content at this time. ArticleSearchEngineMarketing.com was asked about this and they said that there is copy in the works. They said it the copy for their search engine optimisation pages will be posted before the end of next week.

There have been other changes reported by ArticleSearchEngineMarketing.com in regards to their search engine optimisation website. Recently, they made major changes to a few aspects of their website. One of the major changes they made was to the background of their website, on top of the top banner. In addition to these updates, they made changes to the design of the backing to the navigation, as well as the services they offer. They haven’t made any estimates, but ArticleSearchEngineMarketing.com is planning on changing the aesthetics to the right sidebar service boxes to match the other parts of the website.

ArticleSearchEngineMarketing.com recently released a statement concerning the most recent changes to their search engine optimisation website. Among changes mentioned are the ones related to the top navigation. In this statement they said, “The time of completion is coming closer, but there is much work to be done to our search engine optimisation website. We’ve been trying to get feedback on our progress, but nobody has said anything yet. We’d love to hear from our search engine optimisation customers about feedback for our website changes.”

About ArticleSearchEngineMarketing.com – ArticleSearchEngineMarketing.com is an online company that helps consumers to find and obtain search engine optimisation services. For more information about ArticleSearchEngineMarketing.com, please visit their website at http://articlesearchenginemarketing.com.


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