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Who’s fighting in the search engine marketplace?

October 18th 2010

Search Engine Optimisation News

Search engine optimisation used to be a clear-cut thing. Google was at the centre of the market and was fending off a number of other search engine specialists including – but not limited to – Microsoft, Yahoo and ASK.

When it came to creating search engine marketing campaigns, therefore, you started with Google and went on to include the latest in vogue challengers.

In the days of old, you knew where you stood in terms of search engine marketing. But now, the lines are getting increasingly blurred as Google picks battles with businesses not normally associated with search engine optimisation.

Google’s decision to take exception to other web businesses isn’t a new one, but its competitors list shows that the search giant is taking no prisoners when it comes to total domination of the internet – not just of search engine optimisation.

Since the meteoric rise of social media firm Facebook, Google has been doing its utmost to undermine the advance of alternative web portals. Google wants to be the first and last port of call for every web journey.

Facebook is responsible for a huge amount of web traffic (Get 10000 free hits) and it is increasingly being seen as a search engine optimisation tool in itself, which is why Google wants a piece of the action. In this case by creating Google Buzz.

But social media isn’t the only new frontier Google is trying to conquer. The firm is simultaneously taking pot-shots at online retail giant Amazon, second hand sales expert eBay and Apple, the well-known iPhone innovator.

All of the above companies have forayed in the world of online search at one point or another, making them a valid target for Google.

Far from showing that Google is set to control the internet entirely, however, the search engine firm’s shopping list shows that there are multiple platforms that all need taking into account when creating a search engine optimisation or other digital marketing campaign.

So, search engine marketing firms will need to diversify their campaigns if they are to make the most of the web. That is, of course, until Google owns everything.

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