Aug 302010

ALL INTERNET SEARCHES at Yahoo in the US and Canada are now using Microsoft’s Bing.

According to Yahoo’s search blog, the transition between Yahoo’s search engine and Bing is complete and the Yahoo engine is no longer being used.

Shashi Seth, Yahoo SVP of search products, who under no circumstances can be interviewed by someone with a lisp, said that Yahoo web, image, and video searches on both desktop and mobile devices are now powered by the Microsoft platform in the US and Canada, with more markets to come.

Yahoo is still trying to work out ways to make money with the Yahoo Search BOSS programme. Apparently there are going to be search related tools for publishers soon.

Yahoo was arguably the first search engine that everyone used. Since 2004 it had its own algorithm but also leaned on Altavista and Google. Now it seems that the only things different between Bing and Yahoo will be their user interfaces. µ


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